Can Dogs Eat Pickles?

Pickles are made mostly from veggies preserved in vinegar and salt, and a good number of people consider them nutritious. So, are they good for dogs, or should you steer clear of them?

Can dogs eat pickles? If pickles are plain and have nothing but cucumbers (or other vegetables) and vinegar, they can be served to dogs. However, if they are high in salt and spice, you should probably avoid serving them to your dogs, especially in large quantities.

What You Need to Know About Pickles

Certain pickled vegetables are dangerous and even borderline deadly to your dogs. If you have to serve your dog pickles, you should stay away from some which include;

  • Pickled Onions – Onions, in whichever form, are highly toxic to dogs. They contain a chemical called N-propyl disulfide that attaches itself to the surface of red blood cells, reducing the cells’ efficiency in transporting oxygen. This chemical also causes the body to assume that the red blood cells are harmful, causing it to kill them in a process called hemolysis. This leads to hemolytic anemia which causes your dog’s rbc count to drop significantly within an incredibly short time, a condition that could easily lead to death.
  • Salty pickles – Sodium, one of the two main components of salt, is an element that is also highly toxic to dogs. When taken in large quantities, salt could cause your dog to experience severe muscular instability, and you might notice stiffness and shriveling up as well as random jerking and shaking. In addition, your dog could easily get dehydrated from the same, resulting in difficulty breathing, increased heart rate, confusion and even fainting.
  • Spicy pickles – Even though dogs are unlikely to eat too many spicy pickles, they are likely to experience loads of discomfort. You might notice sneezing, as well as gastro intestinal distress characterized by vomiting, diarrhea and indigestion.
  • Pickles with spices such as garlic – Some spices such as garlic are actually really harmful to dogs. Garlic bears the same effect as onions, but it is actually more harmful since it has a higher N-propyl disulfide Other spices may also affect your dog’s digestive system, leading to discomfort and even indigestion.

What Pickles Are Safe For Dogs?

Seeing as there are many types of pickles, you can serve your dogs several types which include;

  • Pickled carrots – These are rich in Vitamins and beta carotenes that help in the development of healthy bones and sight, and they also aid in boosting your dog’s immunity. Beta carotenes are also rich anti-oxidants which help to keep certain diseases away.
  • Pickled bell peppers – These actually make a nice treat for your dog, and they are rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Vitamins E and beta carotenes. Aside from boosting immunity, they aid in optimal cardiovascular functions as well as good eye sight, proper bone health, development of collagen and maintenance of healthy skin and coat.
  • Pickled apples – Apples are easily one of dog’s favorite fruits, and they are incredibly healthy too. They have an abundance of Vitamin C which is essential for proper bone and cartilage health as well as aiding in the formation of collagen. In addition, it is an incredibly immune booster that allows your dog to live a healthy life.


Being that dogs are domesticated animals that often times like to eat off of our plates, we find ourselves sharing that which we are already eating. T

he truth is that this habit could prove extremely dangerous, and even fatal in some cases. When serving your dog pickles, you need to be absolutely careful, and be sure to only give them pickles that are plain and devoid of salt and other spices.

Pickled onions and other related foods are to be avoided altogether since they are very toxic to dogs and could lead to lots of health issues for your pet.

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